Thursday, 27 August 2009

More testosterone does not neccesarily mean more strength and muscle!

How frequently have we heard the higher a person's testosterone level, the stronger and more muscle-bound he can be? Well, I am here to tell you this isn't the case. How do I know? From the BioHealth 205 adrenal profiles ( which test one's levels at the cellular level-where all metabolic activity originates-and not the blood level, like a blood draw would ) that I have run on me and my clients. Listen to me ; I was terribly stunned to see that one's hormone levels don't guarantee extra strength and lean muscle mass. In Apr of 2008 I posted a 1390 raw total at a body weight of 170 pounds in the game of powerlifting.

It is the highest one I have done to date, and it was done while I was in Stage one adrenal fatigue. My testosterone level was really on the high range of "normal", and my estradiol and estriol levels were low. As I observed formerly, my Cortisol pattern showed me to be in Stage one adrenal fatigue ; except for a strength sportsman that's not so bad-all hard coaching considered.

Fast forward to June 2009. I had my adrenals re-checked and the BioHealth 205 results proved that not only was I don't in Stage one adrenal fatigue ; but my hormone levels were awfully high. My testosterone and progesterone were so high the lab had to test twice for accuracy. It is fascinating to notice that in this time when I was bolstering for my adrenal fatigue and removing obstructing factors and poisonous load that I didn't hit an individual record on any of my individual lifts or total, and I didn't gain any lean muscle mass.

I have observed the very same thing in several clients now, and that has lead me to realize that though having a favorable hormone profile is naturally always in our best interest ; it doesn't mechanically mean that we are going to get stronger or gain lean muscle.

There's clearly so much more that goes into both these things , for example coaching, discipline, believing in yourself, getting over coaching, and so on. I'll say that more than some clients who improved their adrenal profiles did actually add lean muscle and did gain strength. my point of this post is to tell you that simply because you already have high testosterone levels or have improved your hormonal profile that you're going to get bigger and stronger in the gymnasium. You still need to get in there constantly, work out what does it for you, stay consistent, remain determined, and bust your ass.

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